I am a student interested in starting up the Gay Straight Alliance again. I like to do the side volunteering Fill out forms, remind the Advisor of important dates, and apologize when the drama for your mama flies.

Any other registered students interested in being officers of this student organization. Please contact me via FB @Frank Vaca

Room to be announced...On main campus Friday 4:30pm

We are looking for good leader's so be thinking about who you want or may want to be!

The following are all volunteer positions. You need to be an enrolled in at least one credit to be an officer at Lansing Community College .
President-Run meetings, helps to organize events, works well in a team environment and has shown themselves to be a leader.

Vice President-Stands in when President is absent, helps to run meetings and works well in a team environment.

Secretary-takes meeting minutes, reads club mail and presents to club, is organized.

Treasurer-retains financial records of Club business, reports on status of accounts.

Historian-inventively keeps photo record of GSA events, must have imagination and sense of unique style.

Communications director-connects with community news organizations and
distribute GSA fliers for events. Get the word out.

The officer positions are a chance for you to gain experience in a leadership role. All the officers are leaders. I ask that they each play a large role in maintaining and expanding the club. It is your club and you guys/gals are the reason the GSA exists. Please volunteer to be an officer.

  • Lansing Community College
    Welcome Center- 422 North Washington Square, Lansing
  • Friday Jan 18, 2013
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